Thursday, May 1, 2014

Welcome to Draper's Historic Preservation Blog

Neilson Home - One of Draper's "Sheep Mansions"
Historic preservation begins with an understanding of the places and buildings that give a community its distinctive character and sense of place.  Historic preservation protects these places from neglect and stimulates economic vitality and community pride. 

Draper is Utah's 10th largest city - spreading over 30 square miles.  Draper's growth has been phenomenal and the new construction, people and businesses this growth brings are wonderful and welcome.  But, put into perspective, Draper's historic resources are few, dwindling and found on only a few small streets in a very small area of our growing town.

Draper's historic resources belong to everyone - longtime resident and new.  They connect us positively to our shared heritage, broaden our (and our children's) experience and may, very well, help keep Draper from becoming "Anywhere USA".

"When historic buildings are torn down or deteriorate, a part of our past disappears forever.  We lose history that helps us know who we are.  We lose opportunities to live and work in the kinds of interesting and attractive surroundings that older buildings provide,"  NHPA

This blog is a start.  We hope to share good news and encourage positive grassroots preservation efforts.  Your help and support is greatly needed.  Please join with us as we work to keep Draper's built heritage for the future.

Your Historic Preservation Commission

View a few of Draper's historic homes on a Google map HERE

Questions?  Please contact the Historic Preservation Commission 
by emailing Secretary LaRayne Day