Historic Tour Brochures

Please follow the links below to view or print the Draper Town Center Walking Tour and our newest walking or driving tour of many historic structures east of Draper's Town Center.  Printed copies of the brochures are available at the Draper Chamber of Commerce, Draper City Hall, Draper Historical Society and local places of lodging.

Please remember this tour gives information on private properties.  Please respect the privacy of those who may live or work on the premises.  Do not trespass.  Please respect all property and drive or walk with caution.

Click the link below to see the Draper Utah Town Center Walking Tour (Tour One)

Click the link below to see the Draper IFA and East to Relation Street Walking/Driving Tour (Tour Two)

More tours to come.

Special thanks to these community-minded volunteers:
The Draper Historic Preservation Commission for their work over the years and creation of these brochures
Todd Shoemaker for the bulk of the research and authorship
Frank Lewis - Tour committee
Christine Shell - graphic design, formatting and preparation for publishing
Phil Shell - photography
Draper Historical Society Library and Archives

And to these great partners -
Utah State Historic Preservation Office - grant funding
Draper Mayors Darrell Smith and Troy Walker and Draper City Council
Draper City - partial funding
National Park Service - grant funding
The Utah Heritage Foundation

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